Idiosyncratic books and art inspired by creative collaboration.

Nauset Press is an online publisher and sometimes retailer of print books. We specialize in idiosyncratic books: compendiums of art, beautiful photography, compelling content, poetry, esoteric and curious subject matter.

We are also a curated online art gallery specializing in affordable, outstanding art by limited-edition archival art prints (giclées).

Since we are harnessing POD (print-on-demand) technology to drive our publishing business, some books are only available through direct links to another reseller like amazon.com. Other books and all prints will be available for sale directly from nausetpress.com.

The founder of Nauset Press, Karyn Kloumann, grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts near one of the most beautiful beaches on the Eastern Seaboard, Nauset Beach. She always thought the breakers of waves hitting the sand were reminiscent of a curl of paper rolling off the drum of an old-fashioned printing press, albeit a tad saltier!