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Christopher Atamian writes powerful, very personal verse. There are superlative poems in this collection… 
–Jonathan Leaf, The Germans In Paris

A Poet in Washington Heights

Christopher Atamian

ISBN-13: 978-1976483936

Winner of the 2017 Tölöyan Prize, Christopher Atamian celebrates the extraordinary cultural mosaic and landscape of Washington Heights in playful, nostalgic rhyme that honors familial love as much as urban romance, cutting to the core of queer desire. Drawing on influences as disparate as Nigoghos Sarafian and Patti Smith, Chris mesmerizes the reader with mythological figures and spiritual reverie, ultimately offering redemption for our troubled times—through his Armenian American and native New Yorker eyes. —Nancy Agabian, Me as her again: True Stories of an Armenian Daughter, Princess Freak    $13.99



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Rusted Radishes, Second Place Literary Award, Oxford University, April, 2022

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