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"This beautiful book, its interrelatedness, its reciprocity of all things—fire in the stone and facets of memory, shapes of incandescent earth and water’s chosen path, watchful moon and sleeping bees—await our enduring discoveries." —William O’Daly, author of The New Gods and translator of Pablo Neruda’s Book of Twilight

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Dancing Through the Fire Door

Cindy Rinne

ISBN-13: 978-1-962890-02-1

I am more than my body is the title of a poem that runs midway through this thoughtful, visually stunning collection. It is the pivot on which the journey rests, though the waystops are many, and readers are invited to take sanctuary in the visual and poetic prompts, which are portals into the self.


Author Cindy Rinne experienced the catastrophic loss of her home burning to the ground in the Southern Californian Old Fire in 2003. Her book is a two-decade healing manifestation of that loss. Dancing Through the Fire Door is a tome that has some roots in climate change with its attendant devastations. It is a book with a healing modality that could be helpful to people grappling with any trauma, cognitive dissonance, or surreal disassociation following a disaster. How do you process what happened to you? Meditating, savoring beauty in the world, and accepting reality are cornerstones of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Although Rinne is not a therapeutic or medical professional, her visionary expression in Dancing Through the Fire Door lands on these concepts in a way that speaks true to such healing modalities. There is value in creatively recording our emotional responses to grapple with our current reality — but also, hopefully, providing a template for future generations to understand and learn from while holding space to evolve through difficult circumstances. $18.99

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