Dead Stuff

Linda Neaman

ISBN-13: 978-0985126841

A surprisingly lively compendium of dead stuff. “Guts are not so delightful”, said Neaman's six year old niece as they examined a squished frog on a country road.This observation was the catalyst for Dead Stuff—a curiousity cabinet of images and text. This collection is like a Japanese zuihitsu (an expanded list) of some of Neaman's favorite death related images embellished by myth, song, an augury, observation and descriptive captions. Memory is preserved in a tombstone, life is revealed in the work fractured bones of the slaves buried in New York City’s African Cemetery. Dead stuff is not so dead.  $13.99



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Neaman has a third eye that sees the beauty in death in everyday life. Not just a collection of beautiful pictures, it's also a collection of poetry, anecdotes, facts and song from the slightly macabre to the charmingly innocent.”–Don Howell

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