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Did Ya Ever Wonder... How Some Massachusetts Towns Got Named?

Andy Bailey

ISBN-13: 979-8985969283

This creative reimagining of how some Massachusetts towns got named was inspired by telling tall tales to bored children in the car while traveling in the

pre-digital entertainment era. Stories include Braintree, Raynham, Wellfleet, Brockton, and fourteen others. Some are funny...some are not!

A sampler of quickie tales to whet your appetite for more:
How did…
…Belchertown get its name?
Every year they used to have a big burping contest.
…Oak Bluffs get its name?
The trees there like to play poker.
…Monroe get its name?
It has something to do with a girl named Marilyn.
…Great Barrington get its name?
They have a high opinion of themselves.

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