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Book Submissions


Nauset Press accepts manuscript submissions for previously unpublished, original work. The work should focus on poetry, Feminism, progressive points of view, literary fiction, experimental writing/visual forms, or an art-related subject. Review the types of books already published by Nauset Press to get a sense of what is accepted.



1) The author must be able to send and receive emails and PDF attachments and have the ability to drop files into Dropbox or a similar file-sharing program, like Google Drive.

2) The author must be the primary contact–please do not contact us if you're a friend of a friend with a great book. Tell your friend to contact us directly.

3) Note that AI-generated content is not accepted, because it cannot be copyrighted in the US.

4) While copyediting and proofreading can happen after a manuscript is accepted by Nauset Press, note that it must be professionally copyedited and proofread by someone other than the author.

Submission Process:

1) Email a brief cover letter introducing yourself and your work to A paragraph is fine. Provide a statement that your work is not generated by AI.

2) Include a Dropbox or Google Drive link** of your CV of your writing experience. PDF preferred, Word doc OK.

3) Include a Dropbox or Google Drive link** for a sample of your work; 5-20 pages of your manuscript. PDF preferred, Word doc OK.

4) Nauset Press will endeavor to contact you within a month to let you know the status of your submission. Please do not send multiple follow-up emails after submitting–this will reflect poorly on your submission. Thank you.


**Note well, we will not open or accept attachments without prior arrangements. Dropbox or Google drive links only, please.




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