Book covers and interior page design by Karyn Kloumann

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FIERCE: Essays by and about Dauntless Women

Published 2019 by Nauset Press. Cover Design by Karyn Kloumann. Cover Image by Organic Photography.

Thirteen essays are published in this book—coincidentally an ideal number for a coven, primed to change the tenor of the conversation about gender roles and societal norms. The idea of a coven also led to the concept for the cover image, a variant on a witch’s ladder, based on a circa 19th century object of twine tied with feathers found in an attic in England alongside six brooms and a chair—it’s purported use was to steal milk from a neighbor or to cause death, although contemporary users reportedly practice with the intention of positive outcomes. Like a witch’s ladder, FIERCE straddles the space between positive and negative, by advocating for awareness and destruction of untenable and unjust power structures to create a more evolved and principled society. 

A Poet in Washington Heights by Christopher Atamian

Published 2017 by Nauset Press. Cover Design by Karyn Kloumann. Cover Art by Egon Schiele, Public Domain.

This award-winning volume of poetry is by a gay poet, Christopher Atamian. He loved the artwork of Egon Schiele, and we discovered that some pieces were in the public domain and could be freely used. The ribbon edge to the left adds structure to the composition and extends across the spine and the back cover. The font choices needed to capture the tenor of the poetry inside the book: modern, clean, strong but with a certain aesthetic delicacy; it was equally important to compliment the artwork and evoke a sense of the text without competing with it.

Dit Huis is Bewoond (This House is Inhabited) by Virginia Mayo

Published 2012 by Nauset Press. Cover Design by Karyn Kloumann. Cover Image by Virginia Mayo.

This photography monograph by Virginia Mayo, an AP documentary photographer based in Antwerp required modern, elegant, humanist typography to complement, not compete with her incredible images of Doel, a deserted town in Belgium. All of the photographs are black and white, and the color choices are black, white, with blue accents inside the book. Blue was chosen as befits the melancholy one would might experience seeing a ghost town.

Looking for Small Animals by Caitlin Grace McDonnell

Published 2012 by Nauset Press. Cover Design by Karyn Kloumann. Cover Image: Public Domain.

The cover design for this volume of poetry subtly evokes seeing a wild party of small animals through a telescope or a microscope.The cover font is Vulpa (another nod to animals, as it is Latin for "fox") and it has quirky foxtail terminals (as seen in the descender of the letter "K", for example). It's playfulness suits the tenor of the poetry inside.

Armenian-American Sketches by Bedros Keljik

To be published in 2020 by The Press, University of California, Fresno. Cover Design by Karyn Kloumann.


The public domain image of the Chrysler Tower is photomontaged with a strip of Armenian carpet to show the integration of the Armenian immigrant experience in America at the turn of the century. Note in the bottom left hand corner how the rug detail melds with the building. The title typography is reminiscent of old newspaper type, the byline reminiscent of a handwritten signature of that era.


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