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Umbrella Colonnade, Linda Ganjian. Limited edition archival fine art print, 16"x20". See more of Linda Ganjian's artwork here, including three newly launched prints.

Emotional Auction 


Valentine’s Day is coming up, putting the focus on romantic love. We’re riffing off of the emotion of love in a more general way, and invite you to participate in Nauset Press’ first Emotional Auction* for a limited-edition fine art print by Linda Ganjian. *This concept was inspired by Kosta Boda's Auction Based on Emotions


We can't use biometrics to measure your emotional response, but we can read and appreciate your writing! The most creative and persuasive post to Umbrella Colonnade will win it. Linda Ganjian's limited-edition Umbrella Colonnade is a 16"x20" archival print, and winning includes a Certificate of Authenticity and free shipping. This print sells on the site for $300. A minimum of 50 unique entrants is required to activate this auction, so please share far and wide.


2.18.15 UPDATE:

We didn't receive 50 comments, and so cannot disburse the 16" x 20" print, but we were so moved by everyone's comments that we chose three winners to receive 10"x12" versions of this print: Amy Cheng, Laine Pelka, and C. Steinhoff. Thank you again, for participating, the spirit of this auction was well represented by all participants!!!


How it Works

1) Go to the Facebook post (here) and tell us in English why you love Linda Ganjian's Umbrella Colonnade print. The auction starts on Febrary 13, 2015 and ends on February 15, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be announced on February 18, 2015.


2) Everyone is allowed one entry. You'll need a Facebook account to participate. The spirit of this auction is positive, and negative comments will be hoisted by their own petards into the black ether of the bottomless Internet, never to be seen again.


3) Please share the auction with others via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media, because we'll need a minimum of 50 unique entries to activate the auction.


Future Emotional Auctions

If this Emotional Auction goes well, we'll try it with other Nauset Press artists, too. Stay posted.


Fine Print

There are no financial costs, hidden or otherwise for entrants of this contest.


The winner will need to provide a non-PO Box address for shipping.


The artist will receive a stipend for allowing this print to be used in the auction.






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