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Five Elements Set of 5 prints | Moonching Wu

Five Elements Set of 5 prints | Moonching Wu

A series of five exquisitely composed prints by Moonching Wu, "Five Elements" distills the essence of each element in the manner of Wu Xing (五行), a conceptual scheme to explain relationships and interactions between  diverse entities, processes and circumstances. Wu Xing is focused on phase/movement/evolution. Each print comes with an explanatory postcard. 
  • Details

    A series of five, limited edition archival prints by Moonching Wu. Includes "Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, Wood" printed on Hahnemühle paper or printed on metal. Metal prints don't require frames, since they are self-hanging.

    Each print is 9"x12", and the series comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and an informative postcard showing the meanings and interactions of each element.
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